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Natural Goodness in a fragrant bronze tea brew. Packed with a good amount of antioxidant’s and assist with cognitive health which makes it your ideal Morning & Evening cuppa tea.

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A quality organic black tea with mild floral notes, Bio- Bronze is best consumed without milk. It lends itself to either a cold or hot preference, giving it an added versatile edge to its Bio identity.

Antioxidant Activity
Reduces impact of free radicals (controls cell deterioration).

Improves Heart Health
Lowers Cholesterol.
Known to reduce LDL cholesterol.

Cognitive Health
Caffeine and Theanine in black tea are well known mental stimulants.

Assists Hydration
Ideal source of hydration.

Organic Black Tea

Ideal Time

Environmental Responsibility
1) All Teas are responsibly sourced from Gardens that follow sound environmental sustainability principles.
2) Minimum waste packaging

– Use one sachet per cup
– Introduce hot water boiled to a temperature of 100c
– Brew for 5 minutes
– Best Enjoyed with milk.

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