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An exceptional Organic Green tea with classic smooth undertones. A healthy beverage with Zero Calories and an ideal source of great antioxidants.

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An organic green tea which captures the prime characteristics of an unfermented identity. Oceanic Notes is a multi-faceted brew which is equally appealing hot or cold, with the added tag of an organic signature.

Catechin Activity
High in antioxidants.
Reduces impact of free radicals (controls cell deterioration).

Cognitive Health
Caffeine in green tea is well a known mental stimulant.

Fat Burning Activity
Green tea has zero calories and a healthy beverage.

Assists Hydration
Ideal source of hydration.


Organic Green Tea

Ideal Time
After Meals / Ideally sipped throughout the day

Environmental Responsibility
1) All Teas are responsibly sourced from Gardens that follow sound environmental sustainability principles.
2) Minimum waste packaging- Use one sachet per cup

– Use one sachet tea bag per cup
– Introduce hot water boiled to a temperature of 80c
– Brew for 2-3 minutes
– Best enjoyed with milk.

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