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About Us

Purest is the branded trademark of a professional tea company that strives to bring you all that is good in tea. We are committed to helping you rediscover the authentic taste of fine quality Ceylon tea. Our herb and spice inclusions, complement our tea, with some unique signature recipes designed to delectable taste and holistic benefits. Purest also leads you on a journey of integrity, where our products are part of a source for good, through a greater purpose beyond profit. We strive daily towards delivering an offering of authenticity of taste, integrity of purpose, and overall goodness, all made possible through the amazing grace of tea.

Bio-degradable material

We are committed towards the principle of working with bio-degradable material wherever possible, to align with our commitment towards improving the health of the planet.

Sourced with responsibility

All our tea is sourced from partners that practice sound sustainability protocols, demonstrated through our support of Rain-forest alliance certified plantations. Our customers also have the assurance of further integrity of product, since all our tea suppliers are fully certified food factories with focused commitment to hygienic manufacturing practices.

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